James McNichol

Height: 6’0”
Weight: 175
Hair: Sandy
Eyes: Green


Film (Starring)

  • Night Warning (Comworld Pictures)
  • Escape from El Diablo (Cinema Presentations)
  • Smokey Bites the Dust (New World Pictures)
  • Michael Angelo (Comworld Pictures)

Televison Features MOW’s (Lead Roles)

  • The Jill Ireland Story (NBC)
  • Champions: A Love Story (CBS)
  • Blinded by the Light (CBS)
  • First the Egg (ABC)
  • Safe Harbor (Paulist Production KTTV)
  • Stranded (Universal TV, CBS)

Televison Series (Continuing Lead Roles)

  • California Fever (CBS)
  • The Fitzpatricks (CBS)
  • General Hospital (ABC)
  • Hollywood Teen (ABC)
  • Little House on the Prairie (NBC)
  • Shazam and Run Joe Run (CBS)

Network Variety/Sports Specials

  • 1977 Battle of the Network Stars-CBS Team (ABC)
  • The Jimmy McNichol Special (CBS)
  • John Denver’s Pro-AM downhill (ABC)
  • Jimmy & Kristy McNichol Special (with the Osmonds) (ABC)
  • The Danny Thomas Special (NBC)
  • The Carpenters’ Christmas Special (with Gene Kelly) (CBS)


  • Grease (Danny Zuko), Turn of the Century Theatre, 1000 seat diner, 8 weeks.


  • Over 50 National Spots (between the ages of 6 and 15)


  • Michael Angelo Soundtrack Album & Videos
  • James McNichol and the Secret Service Band
  • James and His Band opened for James Brown at Universal Ampitheater, with great reviews.
  • James has also performed at the L.A. Sports Arena
  • James performed live for the U.S. Secret Service during Pope John Paul’s World Tour.
  • Also performed for President Bill Clinton’s birthday.


  • Jimmy McNichol (Atlantic Records)
  • Jimmy & Kristy McNichol (RCA Records)
  • Eco Warrior ( due to release in 2012 with 3 new music videos)

Sports, Hobbies & Other Interests

  • Winner of Hollywood Park’s Pro-AM Chariot racing .
  • Winner of Mickey Thompson’s 4×4 Off-road Championship, Los Angeles Coliseum
  • Winner and Polo Player with the Cadillac Team.
  • Lead vocals, guitar, keyboards, drums, equestrian sports, water & snow skiing, surfing, sailing, fencing, classic cars, carpentry, high diving, motorcross, fishing.

Theatrical Training

  • Stella Adler , Milton Katselas, Jeff Corey, David Craig