Finding Jimmy

Jimmymod3“Whatever happened to Jimmy McNichol?” has been an ongoing theme on the internet and around the world. He was everywhere, a household name, the ubiquitous teen heart throb, who had:

* starring roles

* TV deals

* movie deals galore

* record deals

* the title of being one of the youngest TV producers, EVER

* the exclusive position with ABC as the only teen with a network talk show

* the cover of People Magazine and many other covers

* two (2) movies of the week and two (2) network variety specials created by CBS TV, for him

* fans around the world

* four (4) CBS TV programs created just for him

When James Vincent McNichol, III (a.k.a. Jimmy McNichol,) wasn’t opening concerts for James Brown, Oingo Boingo, and Steven Stills; he was a preeminent network TV host, of shows like “Hollywood Teen” and “The Jimmy McNichol Special.” McNichol was referred to as the “mini Mike Douglas,” making a record number of appearances on all of the top talk shows, including numerous appearances on Mike Douglas’ and Merv Griffin’s famous TV talk shows.

Indeed, when ABC created a TV talk show series just for him to host, entitled “Hollywood Teen,” McNichol was marketed as being “the face you see everywhere.” McNichol was analogous to Kim Kardashian today, albeit with acting skills and talent.

Then, at the height of his fame, with several TV and movie deals to choose from … he was gone. Now, McNichol is back with family secrets and many stories to tell from his 20 year absence from the entertainment industry, and most intriguing; McNichol has many more behind-the-scenes stories from his days in Hollywood and his life as an A-list actor, and former teen heartthrob. As far as Hollywood goes, McNichol has seen and done it all, and he has many, many, many entertaining & shocking stories, including Hollywood starlets throwing themselves at him, and other stories that would put Rob Lowe’s memoir “Stories I Only Tell My Friends,” to shame.

McNichol dominated the TV and radio airwaves, as well as, the movie screens. So strong was McNichol’s worth as an actor, CBS chose him on three (3) different occasions, to go up against the long reigning top TV shows “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley.” First, the 1 hour TV show “The Fitzpatricks” was created for McNichol, and put in the 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM time slot against ABC TV’s half-hour shows: “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley.” Subsequently, CBS again used McNichol to battle “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley, by putting his network variety special in the 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM time slot. Prior to that, CBS also put their faith in McNichol, when they scheduled the 1 hour TV show created for him, “California Fever,” in the exact same time slot.

In fact, CBS was right to gamble on McNichol, because each time ABC TV preempted “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley” with the World Series, both “The Fitzpatricks” and “California

Fever” were always the #1 television shows in their time slot. In all, on CBS TV alone, 6 separate TV programs were specially created just for McNichol: 2 prime time TV series, (“California Fever” & “The Fitzpatricks”;) 2 movies of the week; and 2 network variety specials.

CBS’s TV show “California Fever” was created to star McNichol, with producer Mel Swope and the same producers from the shows “The Partridge Family” and the “Duke’s of Hazard.” As a one (1) hour TV show from 8:00 to 9:00 PM on Tuesdays, “California Fever” was not only competing against “Happy Days,” but also competed with “Laverne & Shirley” at 8:30 PM; a battle “California Fever” would later lose. However, “California Fever” went on to become a #1 show in the U.K.. In fact, the internet is full of people blogging about how they still know the words to the opening song of “California Fever,” which was coincidentally sung by none other than McNichol himself.

McNichol went on to co-produce “The Jimmy McNichol Special” on CBS, with über-producer, and his then manager, Jerry Weintraub. Once again, McNichol was going up in the timeslot against “Happy Days” and “Laverne & Shirley.”

In addition to record deals and performing with his band, McNichol appeared on the Jerry Weintraub produced “The Carpenter’s Christmas Special,” and every edition of the Jerry Weintraub produced “John Denver Celebrity Pro-AM” for ABC TV’s “Wide World of Sports.” On “The Carpenter’s Christmas Special,” McNichol danced with Gene Kelly, and subsequently, McNichol became lifelong friends with John Denver. Moreover, John Denver also became McNichol’s mentor and opened McNichol’s eyes to environmental issues.

McNichol also appeared on “The Osmand’s Special,” and for years, McNichol was one of the youngest network talk show hosts, hosting ABC’s “Hollywood Teen,” where McNichol interviewed all kinds of entertainment industry notables, including Janet Jackson; rock star Robert Palmer; and Peter Cetera from the band Chicago.

McNichol’s last regular roles before he made the decision to focus on his family, included working with Academy Award nominated actress Jill Clayburgh in “The Jill Ireland Story,” and also, a role that was created for him on the soap opera “General Hospital,” which was also a vehicle for McNichol to showcase his musical talents.

As a musical artist, McNichol had major record deals with both Atlantic Records and RCA Records. Additionally, McNichol produced songs for Michael Angelo, Footloose Records Europe, and opened live for Steven Stills, Oingo Boingo, and James Brown at the Universal Amphitheater, Universal City. Also, McNichol performed live for the United States Secret Service during Pope John Paul’s World Tour in 1987, and he was also an advisor of entertainment. Subsequently, McNichol and his band “Secret Service,” performed for President Bill Clinton’s birthday, and also, McNichol appeared on stage in the starring role of Danny Zuko in the musical “Grease.”

Later in life, as McNichol began to focus on his philanthropic endeavors, McNichol went on to co- found UCLA’s Health and Media Research Center (UHMRC) with Professor Debra Glick, including building the new prime-time Television Programming and Green Business for media educational applications.

So popular was McNichol, the late Dick Clark, a legend, hosted his and his sister Kristy’s, RCA record release party at Studio 54 in New York City. Some of the guests at Studio 54 that night included Burt Reynolds, Brooke Shields, and Tatum O’Neal.

Hollywood was still knocking at his door, when McNichol married and had children, but when it came to Hollywood vs. a family; McNichol chose family.

With his super success and tons of credits to his name, McNichol did not need to work, and in fact, he had amassed a large real estate portfolio. Once retired from the entertainment industry, McNichol moved away from California to raise his family. Over the years, McNichol has become a successful real estate investor and real estate developer. Additionally, McNichol has spent time in France with his wife and children, and become further involved in ecological issues; charitable foundations; animal activism; and other philanthropic endeavors. Occasionally, McNichol continued to give the rare concert performance.

Having spent time becoming a top businessman and real estate investor, and also, raising a family, has only added to McNichol’s life experience, and has only made McNichol more marketable, with much more to offer as an actor. Even while away from the entertainment business, McNichol and his sister Kristy were a top trending search on the internet and Google. McNichol always loved acting, and he made the choice to come back, now that his children are older.

Additionally, McNichol saw the entertainment industry as something he not only loved, but also, he saw it as a platform he could use to bring awareness to ecological issues and philanthropy, two of his lifelong passions.

Lately, McNichol has made philanthropic work a priority, and he is an animal activist, who has been named celebrity spokesperson for the nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity “Pet Power Kids,” even donating proceeds from the sale of his music CDs. This year, McNichol is releasing a new CD entitled “Eco Warrior” under Auroa Entertainment’s Ecology Music Group label “EMG,” and donating part of the proceeds to the “Pet Power Kids.” Also, McNichol is performing at benefit concerts and giving away a free promotional “video DVD sample” to promote ecological awareness and philanthropy.

The “Pet Power Kids” mission is threefold: 1) helping animals avoid euthanization; 2) helping kids become involved in their community and volunteerism; and 3) increasing corporate involvement by raising awareness of the “Pet Power Kids” projects. To complement this philanthropic endeavor, McNichol has developed with Auroa Entertainment, a television show entitled “Animal Rescue The Rockies: Pet Power Kids,” to showcase the organization inspired by the CNN Hero Awards.

The Pet Power Kids is a lonely hearts program for older cats & dogs in animal shelters, where the Pet Power Kids find homes for these dogs and cats that are least likely to be adopted. Currently, the Pet Power Kids have an 80% success rate at preventing dogs and cats from being euthanized.

When asked if he was worried about his acting ability and being out of practice, McNichol quickly answer, “Not at all.” Nor, should he be worried, because he has more life experience, and he was always a natural actor with over 25 starring credits showing on an IMDb page that has never been updated by him or his representatives. “I have been training as an actor and I am more than ready to start going on auditions,” McNichol recently stated in an interview. Further, he has his actress sister, two-time Emmy Award winner Kristy McNichol, to assist him on his reentry to the competitive world of the entertainment industry. (Notably, Kristy McNichol was formerly the highest paid teen actress in all of Hollywood, and Jimmy McNichol was the second highest paid actor on television during “California Fever.”)

McNichol’s acting experience is unprecedented and he has worked with some of the best, including several Oscar nominated, and Academy Award winning actors; among others, Jill Clayburgh, Shirley Knight, Richard Jaeckel, and Susan Tyrrell. Also, Academy Award winning producer, Roger Corman, produced the feature film “Smokey Bites the Dust,” in which McNichol starred.

Publicist Jane Daniels opined, “His life experience, and his being a reliable businessman & family man, along with his already proven acting record, makes McNichol a very much welcomed return to the entertainment industry.” Although neither of the McNichols were ever involved in drugs or the Hollywood debauchery that has been a constant theme in news reports; McNichol has many behind- the-scenes disclosures that would surprise even the most jaded Hollywood tabloid reader, among others:

* stories of flying in private jets with Playboy Playmates

* stories of time spent yachting, and racing cars with A-list celebrities

* stories of A-list stars coming to his shows and the backstage action after some performances

* co-producing with über-producer Jerry Weintraub

* his connection to blond-haired bombshell Kellee Maize, the top female rapper on Amazon

* what really happened at President Bill Clinton’s Birthday Party

* being his famous sister’s, Kristy McNichol’s, confidant and support system

Back in the entertainment industry, McNichol is catching up with his celebrity friends, many of whom are now top A-list stars; getting the band back together; and just being “Jimmy,” along with his motley crew of friends & band mates as they do benefit concerts; go to award shows; and deal with the daily issues of living in La La Land a.k.a. Los Angeles.

McNichol’s 20 year absence, and much public anticipation, explains why fans are still
selling his autographed photos for $300: documentid=205614&start=34&page=58

Notably, the feature film and cult classic that McNichol starred in with Oscar nominee Susan Tyrrell, “Night Warning,” is about to be released on DVD.

At the moment, McNichol is focusing his attention on guest spots on TV shows, both dramatic & comedic; with his immediate goal being notable film work. As a musician, McNichol may even go after a new record deal, and pursue opening for headliners like “The Rolling Stones.”

McNichol has said he is considering all offers and would be more inclined to commit to any endeavors that would complement his environmentalist endeavors, animal activism, and philanthropic pursuits.

Auroa Entertainment, LLC produces TV, film, and music with social consciousness, environmental issues, and philanthropic endeavors as a focal point. Auroa Entertainment, LLC is headed by James Vincent McNichol, III (a.k.a. “Jimmy McNichol”,) and his production partner Dr. Leigh-Davis, a law professor, retired attorney, anthropologist and media personality; who frequently works as a TV news legal analyst. Dr. Leigh-Davis is Brazilian and Austrian, and formerly, she was a top model in Brazil.


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